佐藤 祐二

Leading the charge is Chef Yuji Sato, a native of Obihiro, Hokkaido, with over 20 years of experience as a chef. In his younger days, Chef Sato trained at a sushi-ya in Tsukiji, Tokyo, and it is here that he developed an intimate, on-the-ground understanding of fresh seafood.

Throughout the years, Chef Sato has formed a special bond with some of the best suppliers in Japan that allows him access to exclusive, rare produce that only the top restaurants can secure.

It has always been his dream to open his namesake restaurant, and Sushi Sato signifies a new dawn for him with a theatre of his own to showcase his passion and authentic creations.




Chef Yusuke Kawana hails from Chiba, Japan, and has been an accomplished chef for 28 years. He honed his skills at several sushi restaurants in Tokyo. His deep appreciation for Edomae sushi lies in its seemingly simple but profound and effective preparation methods that beautifully highlight the natural flavours of the fish.

He has also been a long-time collaborator with Chef Sato and plays a key role in providing the ultimate omakase experience at Sushi Sato.


Nestled within the lush foliage of Dempsey Hill, the inspiration for the design of the restaurant was drawn from its surroundings. 

The feature walls in both the main and private dining counters aim to bring in the lushness with its leaf motif carvings, with the cream and pink colours representing the Sakura cherry blossom season in Japan.

Our Hinoki Counter is the centerpiece of the restaurant, and the utmost care and effort were taken to import the highest grade of hinoki wood from Japan. Diners can enjoy the soothing, tactile sensation and invigorating scent which the 200-year-old Hinoki wood emits.